Genealogical Research

We can research your family tree from the present day back as far as records will allow which is normally to the early 1800’s starting from as little information as a name and date and place of birth. If you wish the research can be continued to trace siblings, cousins and more distant relatives of your direct descendants. A family tree of your direct descendants can normally be researched in a day’s research whereas a more extensive search will take much longer. As every search is very different and very personal we tailor our services to a client’s requirements.

We can also help you with specific queries you might have with your family tree. If you have started your own research but have got stuck or simply don’t have the time to take it further then we can check over what you already have, take a fresh look at it and take it forward from there.

We can obtain specific certificates for you or search in specific archives for references to your ancestors if you require a specific search to be carried out.

Archival and Family History Research

We can search Local History and other archives for information regarding your ancestors and their lives which can help you flesh out your family story. 

As every search is unique please contact us to discuss exactly what you require and we can tailor any search to your needs.