About me

I'm Isobel Reid and I've been researching my own family history for the last 20 years. In that time I have visited the Registers in Edinburgh and Glasgow on many occasions as well as many other archives throughout Scotland. I have taken my research from the present day back to the 1700’s on most of my family lines and have discovered family throughout the world. I hope that I can bring some of my own success to you, your family and your research. I am based in the West of Scotland and am conveniently placed to access the Registers in Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as the many local archives in Scotland.

For me the search began with an interest in my maternal grandfather’s family as I have their surname as my middle name. They lived in a house called Aird Villa and one of the questions I had was where the name came from. So my search began with Aird and it led me to a fascinating journey taking me to the countryside of Argyll, to many other parts of Scotland and far beyond and yes I found the answer to my question and many more besides.